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Nov 27, 2012 05:41 PM

Where to sup after a movie at the Lexington cinema?

Mr. Swank and I have a date night coming up, and we're taking in a flick at the Lexington cinema. Where should we go afterward? I'm considering the new Vine Brook Tavern, though I'm not sure how good it is -- and it's new. We'd like to avail ourselves of something luscious, since the Grandparents Swank are on babysitting duty. Ideas? Thank you!!

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  1. I know you are enthusiastic about a number of arlington restnts, but i am not, and lex is so much worse than arl., so i'd suggest you treat yourself to a 10 mnute drive to Il Cassale in Belmont Ctr, and reserve a banquette. They make my fav arancini in Boston (the risotto is made with a meat and tomato broth, which accounts for them being so flavorful.)

    1. I don't know the level of reliability here, but there are a couple of positive reviews of Vine Brook Tavern here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lexingt...

      1. I've heard great things about Vine Brook as well! Also, in addition to Michael Frothingham, Tony Ambrose and Louis Dibiccari are in the kitchen for the time being as well. I look forward to heading up here myself and hearing more reviews from the hounds!

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          Is the bar comfortable to eat at "?)

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