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Nov 27, 2012 05:30 PM

Vegetarian in Ann Arbor?

Making a trip to the Ann Arbor area and looking for a restaurant with good vegetarian options for lunch. There are a few meat eaters in the group as well, but they are more flexible. We like ethnic food, so we are open to most anything. Any recommendations?

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  1. There is a venerable vegetarian restaurant in Ann Arbor, Seva. It's OK (sweet potato fries are good), but a bit bland IMO. I would hit one of our numerous Middle Eastern eateries—Zamaan (Plymouth at U.S. 23 or Eisenhower near Ann Arbor-Saline), or Palm Palace (near U.S. 23 Washtenaw exit), or La Marsa (near U-M campus on State), or Jerusalem Garden (downtown, charming hole in the wall, very cheap). Always falafel and other veggie options at those.

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      +1 Middle Eastern food
      I like Zamaan's falafel the best but give La Marsa an edge over them for having freshly made pita bread.

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        I would add that Zamaan, although very good, is pretty simple. For more atmosphere, try Palm Palace or La Marsa.

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          I'll second that as well. Good point!

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          As it happens, one of our local monthly mags just printed a rundown on vegetarian places in AA. BTW, yes, I agree about Jolly Pumpkin. If you want to drink nationally acclaimed beers with your lunch, it could be a great pick.

        3. You've gotten good recs so far, but just my two cents, I'm not a big fan of La Zamaan. Seva is definitely the go-to vegetarian spot, but yes it can be bland and expensive (and I used to work there many moons ago, so). There's also Jazzy Veggie on Main, but they are not my cup of tea.

          I would recommend Mani Osteria on Liberty @ Division. It's really great, they have lots of vegetarian options, and it's very hip.

          Jolly Pumpkin on Main has a really nicely balanced menu between veggie and non-veggie options. I'd say if you are going with a group, Jolly Pumpkin or Mani might have a bit nicer atmosphere and accommodations for you than some of the other options. Plus, they're both downtown if you all are looking for stuff to do other than lunch.

          1. Ann Arbor boasts one of the finest delis in America, Zingerman's. They have many vegetarian options, If your vegetarians eat dairy you might consider Zingerman's Roadhouse as they feature really lovely mac-and-cheese. Every time I visit Ann Arbor I go out of my way to eat at both the Roadhouse and the Deli. Enjoy.