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Nov 27, 2012 05:08 PM

Portuguese Restaurant in Sydney

Hi All,

A Portuguese friend of mine is coming to visit this weekend and would like to go to a Portuguese restaurant in Sydney. I'd be gratefulf or any recommendations that you chow hound's have. Any part of Sydney is ok as we are willing to travel for great food!

Probably more into the moderate price restaurant ($70/head) but would consider all options i.e. not fussed if expensive restaurant or a quality cheap eat as long as the food is delicious!

Many thanks in advance. If I am missing any key bits of info please ask.

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  1. Petersham is the Portuguese hub. There is great casual chicken (I trip out when in Sydney) and I believe Silvas and Madeira Grill are a bit more upmarket and have the meat on dangling sticks things. Everything is pretty much on New Canterbury Road.

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      Thank you! I will check out the two that you have suggested.
      Any thoughts on Porteno and Bodega?

      1. re: joelq

        Both excellent restaurants, but Argentinian rather than Portuguese. Porteno is quite expensive.

        1. re: mr_gimlet

          Oops - thanks for the correction! That would have been funny if I ended up taking them to an Argentinian restaurant!!

    2. Beyond chicken, Portuguese food is also very focused on seafood.
      Petersham has Silva's (as mentioned) and also Costa Do Sol

      There's another place called O Pescador (the Fisherman) - have a look through TimeOut's list:

      Hope this helps!
      However, if you want to treat your guests to a delightful dinner, I'd take them to Porteno - and get some Pasteis de Nata (portuguese custard tarts from Sweet Belem) as a treat.
      Porteno's meat will appeal to everyone, you can do a set menu or just get a few of the meat dishes with sides (skip the appetizers). The vibe, the service, the quality are all top notch, and the setting, in true South American casona (old, big house style) is stunning. Petersham will be pleasant, perhaps a bit kitsch .