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Nov 27, 2012 04:26 PM

Turning banana bread batter into muffins?

I don't bake much. Banana bread is about the extent of it and it's mostly because I have a very flexible recipe that I can smudge the measurements if need be. Anyways, I made a lot of batter this time around, but only have two loaf pans. I was going to wait for the first round to finish, but then I got to thinking. I have a muffin pan that I could use. No waiting and delicious banana nut muffins! Okay my question is: Do I need to add or alter the batter to get it to a muffin consistency? My batter is definitely more liquidy than normal cake type. I don't bake muffins so I'm not entirely sure if I should add (baking powder perhaps?) anything at all. Any advice, thoughts of suggestions?

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  1. If it works for banana bread, it should work for muffins. Essentially it is the same thing. You will want to decrease the cooking time significantly with the muffins, however. I'd do 12 minutes, check them and go from there.

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      You might want to increase your oven temperature from 350 to 375 to accomodate for faster cooking time.

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        muffins are just small quickbreads. of course you can do this. just be careful not to overfill the tins and watch the timing.

        most muffin recipes i have seen call for 350. they are small, you don't need more heat.