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Nov 27, 2012 03:08 PM

French Fries

Such a simple thing, the french fry, yet it is so hard to find well-executed versions here. My favorites of late, Spago's - incredibly consistent each time, and the Country Club at Wynn. Other notables?

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    1. Marche Bacchus and Capital Grille both have excellent fries. Marche partially cooks the fries, then dredges them in corn starch and completes the cooking process - extra crunchy and a great flavor.

      The family favorite is Marche. (My father-in-law considers himself to be an expert when it comes to fries!)

      1. Duck Fat Fries at StripSteak.

        1. Comme Ca and Mon Ami Gabi (though MAG's are a unique style

          1. Can't say that the skinny fries at Burger Bar did much for me, but the piping hot Fat Fries went great with the five dipping sauces. Went back two nights in a row just for those fries. Great happy hour there, too.

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              burger bar does offer a fry sampler with different sauces too, although the sweet potato fries I had werent anything special maybe some combo of what they offer would strike you