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Nov 27, 2012 02:58 PM

London in June with an 11-year-old

My husband and I will be in London for five nights with our 11-year-old son, staying in South Kensington. Would love recommendations for dinner spots where we can have a few drinks and good food while the kid can get kid-food (burgers, pizza, you know). Many thanks!

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  1. South Kensington
    Post code ? SW7 ?

    "burgers, pizza, you know"
    Kind regards,

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    1. re: Patra19

      SW5 -- though we will be all over London and love long walks. Thanks!

    2. Byron for burgers (South Ken/Gloucester Road)

      Giraffe on High Street Kensington for really family oriented experience.

      Cote on High Street Ken for casual french (chain, kid friendly)

      Wagamama on HSK for "Asian". Very child friendly

      Nando's for fast-foody type chicken (not that bad, very very child friendly).

      1. If you're around the Covent Garden area, Belgo is usually fun for kids, and the food is quite good... great roast chicken, moules & frites etc. The waiters are dressed as monks, which somehow seems to wow the younger eaters I've taken there. I think the prices are lower if one eats before 6.