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Nov 27, 2012 02:52 PM

Krismas in Tucson

We will be in Tucson over the coming holiday. We are considering going out. I was just re-reading one of my older Tucson threads and thought Yamato might be awesome for Krismas dinner.

What other places do you think would be interesting and fun and delicious and open. We are not very interested in American food.

Is there a churrasscuria in town?


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  1. I'm looking for one, too, as well as a good ramen place. I did find a fantastic FLAME-broiled burger at Monterey Court Cafe on Miracle Mile - such a rare taste that it brought tears to my eyes.

    1. Has anyone tried Contigo? Looks nice from the website, but good web design has nothing to do with good food.

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        I haven't been there, but friends that live in that part of Tucson think it's great. They have been raving about the suckling pig, so we hope to do dinner there with them in February.

      2. This post never really kicked off, but it happens. We decided to go to McMahon's. I have never been there, but prime aged beef sounds like a good krismas meal.

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          Check out Metro restaurants/McMahon's website for their Christmas day dinner special.