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Nov 27, 2012 02:03 PM


Anyone have anything to offer about this place in the Fenway?

I noticed that a Talking Heads tribute band (Same As It Ever Was) is playing there on Friday night and am wondering if it's worth checking out, either for the music or the food (but hopefully for both!).

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  1. I've been there a couple times before Fenway. Decent. I remember an excellent Cubano a couple years ago.

    1. have only been for music. good space for that.

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        Yeah, saw a great show there a while back, semi-local psych-pop wonders MMOSS opening for my friend and musical hero R. Stevie Moore. Musically, it's great, but I can say nothing about the food.

      2. Good place to go before a Sox game, if we ever get a reason to go to another Sox game. Never too crowded. Food is ok, not memorable. Decent burgers, and I once actually had pretty good gnocchi. Has been a while, but it's probably still decent.

        1. I was there for a work function about a year ago. The food that we had (passed appetizers) was just OK. What I remember most: Avoid the cocktails, because the craft cocktail craze has not yet made it to Church. I ordered a basic martini (gin, vermouth) and got a shaken mess of a drink. They have a cocktail menu that mostly consists of sugar bombs.

          That being said, I do *want* to like this place, because the music space is great, and the previous establishment at this location (Linwood Grill) had a magnificent craft beer selection. Hard to find a good music venue that also offers craft beer.

          1. I attended Church last night. They've changed their menu - for the better - twice in the past year. The latest change is more of a fall-type menu. I had pork tenderloin over an apple sauce, topped with lightly-fried onion rings and served with a side of sweet potato cake/gratin and tasty braised red cabbage that was almost more caramelized than braised. Had it with a side of roasted brussel sprouts that were hit on: no bacon or other things needed to hide their crispy roasted flavor. I stole a bite from one of my dining partners order of an arugula and pear salad: it had a sweet vinaigrette and little chunks of brittle/nuts over the top. It was a different take on a standard.

            Specials are usually tasty and their basic mac and cheese is the only one I crave in Boston. Granted, I'm not much of a mac and cheese person (unless I make it myself) so take that with a grain of salt.

            Their cocktails are enh. Wine list is good for inexpensive by-the-glass.