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Nov 27, 2012 01:56 PM

Dinner - Wicker Park - Carriage House vs. Savoy

I am coming to Chicago from NYC for the weekend. Several weeks ago, I made a reservation at Carriage House. They just called to confirm my reservation, and they had both the wrong time and the wrong date! When I explained that I was only in town for 2 nights, they said they could accommodate my party on "the porch", but not in the main dining room. I have a backup reservation at The Savoy. What should I do?

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  1. For what it's worth, the "porch" is the (currently walled off) patio area in front of the restaurant. Every seat had a fleece blanket on the back the last time I walked by so I suspect it's pretty drafty out there. On the other hand, day time temperatures might approach 60 this weekend, so the temperature may not be quite as much of an issue (personal tastes notwithstanding).

    Both places are pretty new and I don't know that either has made a huge impact on the dining scene. The Carriage House has a good team in place and a recent review was generally positive ( ; here's the same critic's review of The Savoy, A few other places in the Wicker Park area that might be worth seeking out, and that have a longer track record, include Taxim (contemporary Greek), Hot Chocolate (contemporary American), The Bristol (gastropub), Takashi (French/Japanese) or Mexique (contemporary Mexican).

    1. I just had a perfectly wonderful dinner at The Savoy last weekend. It's a modern twist on a traditional French brasserie. Absinthe is heavily featured. We had wonderful fresh oysters and a fried fish that was extraordinary.

      I would also second Danimalarky's recommendations of HOt Chocolate, The Bristol, Mexique, and Takashi.

      1. i love love love savoy. i think the food is great, the atmosphere is nice. the seafood is fresh and they have some interesting cocktails...

        i havent had a bad meal there yet. recommended - the crab cake, sunray venus clams, coconut mussels, pork belly, oysters, autumn salad.

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          Thank you to all 3 of you who replied, your suggestions were terrific. We ended up at The Savoy and it was great. Loved, loved, loved the Autumn Salad. There was a small mishap with the seared scallop appetizer (we were a party of 3, the waitress said there would be 3 scallops, there were only 2) but she apologized, brought us another order, (which came out pretty quickly and was just as tasty as the first order), and she took it off the bill. That last part (the free appetizer) would never happen in NYC! If any of you are ever on the east coast and need a recommendation for NYC, you can find me on the NYC board.