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Nov 27, 2012 01:30 PM

Prime Rib question

So my boyfriend's favorite thing EVAR is prime rib. I asked him the other day if there was anything he wished I would make more of (I cook dinner almost every night) and he says "prime rib" LOL

My (probably stupid) question is, is it possible to buy a prime rib roast for only 2 people? I suppose leftovers would be OK but I can't really afford to buy a piece of meat that makes enough for 8 people. I do have access to a nice butcher/meat market.

I'd like to maybe make us a nice pre-Christmas dinner for just the two of us, since we will be out of town visiting his family for the actual day and he was sick on Thanksgiving when my family was at our house, so he didn't eat a lot.

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  1. Yeah....Find a butcher shop near you, and just tell'em what you'd like, no worries. You can even try your local supermarket, avoid the tattooed, pierced kid with the blank, chumlee type stare, and ask to talk to the meat manager. Most places can still cut whatever you ask for

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      That's right; most any market that actually cuts meat will sell this by the rib. I'd always buy an extra rib just for the lovely leftovers …

    2. Of course you can make prime rib roast for 2 people, but as you've pointed out, there are going to be leftovers and cost. Since the boyfriend is the one who's asking, I'd suggest he be the one paying.

      Anyway, in theory you can do a one-rib prime rib roast, but it falls into the category of "large rib steak" because that's pretty much what it looks like. Cook it like a steak, sous-vide, cook in a salt dome etc etc, but just don't overcook. A two-rib roast looks more like a roast, so your call.

      1. We have a similar challenge. We usually end up with a small one rib roast. We address the problem of getting it to stand upright for roasting by bracing the roast with a couple of BBQ skewers. For us we still have leftovers which we reheat in leftover gravy.

        1. I recommend you purchase a three bone roast.....most supermarkets will have them on sale for the upcoming holidays priced @ 4.99/lb.....You could purchase a smaller one, but it will cook faster like a steak and wont be as tender as a longer low and slow roasting.

          If you like leaner beef and less fat, then ask for the First Cut.....or Ribs 10 through 12....It comes from the Loin End and has a larger eye.

          The Second Cut......Ribs 6 through 9, .......which comes from closer to the cow's shoulder (aka the chuck) are referred variously as the "chuck end,"or "blade end," It's got more separate musculature, and more large hunks of fat.

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          1. re: fourunder

            good advice...that's about as small as I would go. Like Will said, it will get gobbled in short order

            1. re: BiscuitBoy

              I think I'd cook it just for the sandwiches!

            2. re: fourunder

              Another vote for a 3-ribber. Less than that & what you'll really be getting is nothing more than a thick steak. You really need 3 ribs to make it a roast. And honestly - nothing will go to waste. Just like with a turkey, there are so many things you can do with any leftovers.

            3. I always buy a 3 pounder which usually has three ribs. It's just two of us, and we're not big eaters. We usually only have enough left overs for the both of us to eat one more time. That's with potato gratin and asparagus on the side.