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Nov 27, 2012 01:03 PM

Romantic in Palm Springs

I will be in Palm Springs for six nights in February for me and my husband's one year anniversary. What would be your top choice for a romantic dinner out? Good food is vital, but I also want it to be a great environment and setting for our one year anniversary. Also, we are both around 30 and I know that a lot of the visitors are a bit older than us, but just an FYI if this helps craft replies. I have done some research on here and see places like Copley's, Spencers, Citron and Purple Palm mentioned as great nights out. We have six nights so can do a handful of nice dinners other nights as well, so places that are great, but not romantic are worth bringing up.

Thanks for feedback!

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  1. This is TOTALLY cheesy and the food isnt BLOW YOUR MIND, but the gondola ride to the top of the mountain

    You will be surprised how young of a scene there is in PS.
    I LOVE Spencers. Some of the resorts have some great spots.
    Something I love to do is go up to Idlewild for the day and eat at

    Its very good, albeit very American

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    1. re: smatbrat

      Thanks. the restaurant at the top of the tram ride has some pretty terrible reviews. Maybe it's a better lunch spot when we head up there!

      Also, I don't want to travel that far. How about in town?

    2. I love this place! It fills the bill for a romantic dinner out for sure. Bring a heavy wallet, you'll need it.

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      1. re: Gail

        Le Vallauris is my fave and been going since I was a little girl..
        Was just there in September and its not as heavy wallet as people think..
        3 course meal is $55 pp...extremely romantic on the, service and wine list are superb.

        1. re: Beach Chick

          Thanks! I saw reviews and wondered if it was too stuffy, but that looks like our lead contender right now for that dinner at least!

          How would others rank the others I mentioned? Copley's, Spencers, Cirton, Purple Palm, Circa 59 for other dinners?

          1. re: Chargenda

            IMHO, Le Vallauris has never been stuffy but elegant and romantic and do ask for the patio.
            Copley's and Spencers gets a lot of love..Wally's Turtle is another thought.

            If you are in PS on Monday night, you must must must go to the Ace Hotel/Kings Highway for Bingo night with Linda 'Sissy Bingo' has become a cult classic with drag queens, great craft cocktails and fab food and its sold out every Monday..we had a blast!

            Cheeky's for breakfast or lunch or Norma's at the Parker.

            Happy first!

          2. re: Beach Chick

            Maybe it was the martinis and bottle of wine that enhanced our tab....hmmm.

            1. re: Gail

              LOL...I hear you..after the cocktails/wine/port and a latte, it was over $300..and I thought I was being frugal with the $55 per person!

          3. re: Gail

            +1 for Le Vallauris. My wife and I have eaten there a couple of times and she has been there more than I with her mom and mom's friends. Service is excellent.

            1. re: araknd

              Sounds like there is a clear winner! Thanks so much everyone. I will report back on how it is. But not until February...I like to plan ahead!

              1. re: Chargenda

                Just in case you change your mind, I wanted to share that we had our first anniversary dinner at Copley's. They made it so special, congratulating us several times and giving us a terrific table. Of course, the food was wonderful.

                1. re: running pig

                  Well, now I just might! I want it all!