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Nov 27, 2012 12:12 PM

The Wine Line Tour (Paso Robles & Santa Barbara Co.)

We are looking into booking transportation for winery visits for a winter trip to Solvang and Paso Robles.

I am looking at using The Wine Line as they have good reviews and a good price, but I thought I would see if anyone on here had used them or had an alternative suggestion.


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  1. They are quite busy in the Paso area- and I hear good in the SYV, they are new....if it helps- I have only see them inquire about needing help twice- a GOOD sign.

    StageCoach tours is a good deal- lunch and 3 wineries included in price. CloudClimbers is very popular- bring a jacket. If you are staying in a hotel- ask if they can recommend a Co, as they probably get discounted service. It is popular to go thru Craigslist too- hire a private driver for the day....


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      Thanks. I had left a VM for The Wine Line last week b/c I had a question, but no one returned my call--which is what made me hesitant to book with them. It just makes me question their customer service.

      Thanks for the other tips though. I will check them out and will have to report back if we do go with an organized tour.

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      1. Your best bet is always to check with the local wine association for their recommendations, since they know the true experts. In Paso it is the PRWA (see and in Santa Ynez it is the SBCVA (see

        1. Good background information about Wine Line can be found in the Kylie Mendonca article in the New Times SLO (see and search wine line)

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            I did end up booking this company for Paso only. It was recommended by one of the hotels we are staying at and the owner did end up returning my phone call. We decided we want a more flexible day and not a guided group tour.

            The article refers to his personal driving and was from 3 1/2 years ago and they are listed on the Paso Wine site you suggested I check.

            I am not surprised at all that a person with a DUI history would think that it was a good idea to start a service like this and as long as the shuttle drivers are not drinking and driving customers I may give them the benefit of the doubt here given much other positive feedback.

            I still have the opportunity to cancel without penalty and will be doing some more research...

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              Be sure to let me know how it goes. I've always driven myself while wine tasting, but that limits how much I can taste, which limits the fun of course. Generally, a recommendation from a local hotel staffer is a very good sign because they hear from all their guests the low down on all the local restaurants and attractions. By the way, try the West side wineries if you prefer more intimate boutique wineries. Plus the hilly terrain is beautiful, whereas the East side is basically flat. Denner, Ecluse and Opolo are my favorites on the West, and although I haven't been to Adelaida yet, it comes highly recommended and is the top West-side winery on TripAdvisor. Are you skipping Santa Ynez?

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                No, we are staying two nights in Solvang. We figure we can pick a couple outlying spots to stop at on our way into or out of town. Then, I’m leaning towards hiring a taxi for just a drop off in Los Olivos for the afternoon instead of doing a “tour” to hit tasting rooms and a have a leisurely lunch there. We are interested in visiting Qupe and it looks like there are some good lunch choices in town, so this seems like a solid plan for a fun day.
                Plus, we are flying in and out of LAX and figure we’ll be spending plenty of time in a vehicle already.

          2. I wanted to report back that things went well with the Wine Line in Paso. We really liked this option over a true guided "group" tour as we had a say in where we visited, but it may not be the best option for those just wanting to relax and not have to worry about where to go.

            I also wanted to share that we tried out the public bus service in Solvang and it was reliable and cheap. It seemed clearly underused as we talked to some locals about it and they didn't realize they had a bus.

            We took it to Buellton one day and used their Sunday Dial-a-Ride service for spending the afternoon is Los Olivos. We didn't have to worry about driving and spent the money saved on hiring a driver on wine!