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Nov 27, 2012 12:00 PM

Help with Freezer Pasta

My mom made my husband and I some baked ziti a while back and we froze it in case of food emergencies. It wasnt very good the first time and even worse un-frozen. Im wondering if anyone has any ideas about how to re-purpose it? I was thinking maybe frying in a pan with vegetables or blending it and making soup? Please help! I hate wasting.

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    1. What about it made it "not very good"?
      If it was overcooked, incorrectly seasoned, or if an ingredient was spoiled, then don't try to salvage it--you will be throwing good money after bad.
      If it was simply dry or underseasoned, then adding a complementary sauce or some cheese might help.

      1. Cut it up into cookie shaped bars (i.e. long rectangular shaped), dip in egg, then in Panko mixed with crushed potato chips, then fry in bacon fat (either in a pan or fryer). Serve with marina sauce.