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Nov 27, 2012 11:45 AM

A night to remember

My husband and I will be coming to Atlanta for a night and we would love to have a dinner we will never forget. We love to have a dinning experience. We love anything and can travel pretty much anywhere around the city or surrounding areas. We want something we will never forget. All suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Restaurant Eugene
    Woodfire Grill
    Holeman and Finch (you'll not forget these menu items)
    Chef's table at No. 246
    Many will suggest Bacchanalia, but I've been underwhelmed recently.

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    1. re: rcburli

      Rcburli provides an excellent list. I would add a couple of places as well.

      Empire State South as suggested below.
      4th & Swift
      Gu's Bistro if you are feeling adventurous and love authentic Chinese food.
      Iberian Pig
      Cakes and Ale
      Abbatoir - can be loud but the food did not disappoint.

    2. Here are a few options:
      Restaurant Eugene
      Empire State South
      Miller Union

      Good luck and enjoy!

      1. to me Bacc is a little unfriendly as to wait staff.I too like Aria,Niko Bistro is also very good, gte a table in the patlor not in the bar room
        For w memorable meal id give you an oldie but goodie Nikolais roof small place, maybe 12 tables with 3 waiters.Russina theme, excellent 7 course meal, caviar and vodka too.get their at dusk for a nice view at the window tables/There some person who has left a terrible review, but dont pay attention to itWe go twice a year and its excellent
        If you like meats McKendricks is the best--food is terrific, wait staff great (ask for Taco or Jamie)--they make whatevere you want, even if its not on the menu.Ofetn my wife and I will order a lobster and a 12 oz filet,they will split them for us, with each filet cooked to order with Bernaise sauce Get tjhe lobsyer mashed potatoes and oysters as well