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Nov 27, 2012 11:40 AM

Charlotte Experience

My husband and I are going to Charlotte for New years this year. We will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary, New Years, and My 30th Birthday so I want to do it big. I want to find the best places for breakfast lunch and dinner. We are staying right in town, but are perfectly fine with traveling for a good food experience. I would love to have something unique and an experience we will never forget. All suggestions are welcome.

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  1. I would urge you to do a search on here first, as there are many previous posts on Charlotte. For example, here is one discussing a great restaurant to celebrate a special night:

    Also, Charlotte is very spread out, so you might want to more carefully think about where you are staying and how far you are willing to travel. More information about what you're looking for would be helpful as well. I assume you want one splurge place for dinner? What kind of budget? What kind of food, atmosphere and price are looking for for your other meals?

    Some random places I like are Halcyon, 5Church, Prices Chicken Coop, Lulu, Krazy Fish, Old Hickory House, Dish, Dim Sum, Little Village Grill.

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      We are willing to travel for a wonderful dinner up to 25 miles or so. We are going to be right down town near the arena. We just want something that will be memorable and exciting. We could go to just a little hole in the wall or a super nice place. We want something we can only get in Charlotte. Some Places we are looking into for eating are The Terrace Cafe, Mimosa Grill, Queen city q, Upstream (for Sunday Brunch), common Market, just fresh cafe. Some of them on the maybe list are Gallery, 300 East, The cowfish. I have just been looking online, and don't really have any suggestions from people. I am basing my decisions on menu's, reviews, and blogs. So all information is helpful we are very open and very adventurous.

      1. re: KatJonesYUM

        Just Fresh is nothing special. Just grab and go sandwiches and salads. You can take that off your list. Mimosa Grill is another one you can skip. I like all of carolinadawg's recs except I've never been to Old Hickory House or Little Village Grill. Also, if you want to celebrate a special night, I would avoid Price's Chicken because it's take-out only and it's OVER-RATED!

        1. re: southernitalian

          Yes, obviously I wasn't reccommending Price's for a special night out. Nonetheless, their fried chicken is outstanding, at least to my native NC taste buds.