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Nov 27, 2012 11:26 AM

Buying Lamb Brains in Toronto

Where is a good place to buy lamb brains (to cook) in Toronto? I've called the popular butchers but none have it available.

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    1. For something like that, I'd go somewhere that specializes in lamb (like Mister Greek- Danforth/Jones) and put in a special order.

      1. Try Kostas Meat Market at Warden/Ellesmere

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          Go directly to a halal butcher. You should ask if they have any fresh lamb heads. Brains need to be super fresh, so don't mess around with lamb heads that were slaughtered more than a day earlier. The halal butcher may require that you leave your name and number and he will call you when he has fresh brains available. I bought a whole lamb once and inquired about the brains. It was a Saturday when I picked up my lamb and the butcher told me that my lamb had been slaughtered the day before. The lambs come in whole, minus the feet. The butcher had several heads in the back room and offered to give me a couple of extra heads. He was kind enough to split them and carefully remove the brains from all three heads, rinse them and put them on a tray and cover them with plastic wrap. I used them the following day, in brains masala, which was delicious, though texturally challenging. It was an experience.

        2. Thank you all for your helpful advice!

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            I routinely see lamb heads at the 24hour grocery store at yonge south of Steeles. I forget the name, it's next to a pop eyes.