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Nov 27, 2012 11:08 AM

NYC Style Halal Truck Food in Toronto?

Hi All

Just got back from a trip to NYC a few weeks ago and now I'm craving their street vendor halal food with the white/red sauce.

Is it possible to find this anywhere in downtown Toronto? (was never been a big eater of halal food/shawarma etc before I left)


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  1. not to my knowledge. certainly none that use charcoal as those in NYC do...ahhh....tiger halal..

    1. Bump. Is there anywhere in Toronto serving chicken rice, lamb rice, combo rice, w/ hot sauce, white sauce? The closest dish I can think of there is Greek chicken kebabs on rice w/ tzatziki sauce. The chicken is more lemony, the rice isn't the same and there's no hot sauce, but it's close to the NYC halal version and widely available.

      Fun fact: The Vendy award winning owner of the Kwik Meal cart went to cooking school in Toronto and worked at the Russian Tea Room.

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        I think a closer dish to the NYC Halal chicken is the halal $12.99 shish tawouk plate at Paramount on Yonge, which comes with 2 chicken skewers, garlic sauce and hot sauce if you want it, or maybe something similar at a nearby Milo's. Maybe another Chowhound could recommend other shawarma places on Yonge that serve decent chicken kabobs and rice.

        I thought the NYC garlic sauce was something along the lines of the garlic sauce used at most Lebanese shawarma joints in TO, although the NYC version seemed a little heavier/greasier/more mayo-based than the garlic sauce used in TO.

        In case anyone wants to DIY.

        yellow rice and white sauce recipe:

        The Persian and Afghan places in TO also serve chicken kabobs with rice, that's maybe slightly closer to the NYC halal version than chicken souvlaki.

      2. Isn't there a food truck vendor at Nathan Philip Square?

        1. The only place i know that maybe close to cart is Nora shawarma at richmond and spadina. Their white sauce is the closest thing youll get close to NYC cart in my opinion.

          1. If you're looking for the best mid-eastern food in toronto, try Dr. Laffa or Ba-Li laffa. Best in town.