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Nov 27, 2012 10:14 AM

In search of good Greek or Mediterranian east of 57 fwy. Pomona, Chino or IE

Calling all hounds, need a little help. Ive been to Zaky Grill in Rancho & Upland. I know there are more Greek/ Mediterranean places out here, just don't know which others to try, or stay away from. Traffic just makes it unbearable to go to the known places on west end of LA, SGV or SFV. Thanks for the help.

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  1. I know there are a couple Greek places in Claremont. I think they are just okay but that is just me. This is not really Greek or Mediterranean but Alinas in Ontario is pretty good Lebanese food. I especially like the fattoush salad and the chicken souvlaki with there awesome garlic sauce. Another option that is not really east of the 57 but close is Olive Pit in Brea. I would also try Mes Amis in Chino Hills.

    1. In the Claremont Village, I really like Saca's falafel sandwiches for lunch. Very casual place and nice people. I saw that a new Mediterranean place called Fattoush opened by the Super King market off Indian Hill just south of the 10, but I haven't tried it yet.

      There are a couple of places right by each other on Garey in Pomona, Aladdin Jr and Mirage. They're fairly similar, which is weird as they're right by each other. Neither is great but one has a lunch buffet that's not bad. But I'd do Saca's or try Fatoush over either of them.

      I don't know of any good Greek places in the area. There is a Greek place here in Claremont, Yiannis, but I think it's pretty mediocre and wouldn't eat there again.

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        I have tried Fattoush, and the fattoush salad was a big disappointment. Pass on that one as there are better places to be had. Roast chicken is mehhh, kabobs just okay.

      2. Anybody try Zaky Grill? They're ok. A little overpriced. Keep the recommendations coming!

        1. +1 for Olive Pit in Brea. They have a few interesting sides that I have never had before and excellent customer service. The atmosphere is strip mall fast food, though. If you're ok with going to Brea, though, go a little farther to Kento Greek Kitchen in Fullerton. You will get atmosphere, Greek wine, excellent service, and atypical but delicious Greek main dishes.

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            I think that's Kentro Greek Kitchen. The food and the restaurant itself are very good.


          2. I'm a fan of Darvish Restaurant in Claremont on Foothill east of Towne. Habib, the owner, takes very good care of us whenever we come in. We hosted my husband's 30th birthday there, and dinner was enjoyed by even the pickiest of eaters.