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Recs for lobster delivery from Maine

I am thinking of ordering lobsters from Maine for Christmas dinner and would love to hear of others experiences or recommendations for best companies to order from. We have bought them in past years from a very good nearby fish store. But after a gluttonous lobster filled vacation in Maine last summer, I really noticed that the lobsters were so much better, sweeter, more tender straight from the ocean - instead of sitting in tanks at a fish store. I'd be ordering 2 or 3 to be delivered to CT.
Thoughts and recs appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Maine Lobster Direct is my goto place. I've been ordering from them since 1998, and I've never had a bad order. Price of the lobsters include shipping.


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      Thanks, that is an excellent rec!

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        THanks FC, was all set to order from them but no delivery available for dec 24th :(((

      2. Asolutely fantastic lobsters and service. All the other dishes on the site are excellent as well. I send them as gifts to my family in PA, and have been there a few times to join in the meal. It was all very impressive.

        1. I have used both of the recommendations,Maine Lobster Direct and LobsterGram.
          Both have been excellent for lobster sent as gifts.

          1. I don't understand why someone in CT would have to mail order lobsters from Maine. Aside from the fact that you are paying more than twice as much for the pleasure of at least 50% loss from heads/shell. The link for that business shows 1.8 lb as a large which doesn't yield all that much meat. If you're not as happy with your great seafood store because they sit in tanks. Call ahead of time and meet the delivery truck fresh off the boat. That's what we did last time. $5.99 for 3 pounders and up. Guess that Maine lobster must be mighty sweet to pay for all that waste? This is a serious question because I really am curious.

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              Maine lobster is good, but I wouldn't pay $20/lb for it!

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                $7.99/lb here in central Florida, and it gets flown in at least once a week. Just have to be there on delivery day.

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                  even less in Maryland............but it won't work if you are shipping a gift

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                First, I would love to know where I can buy fresh lobsters fresh from the boat for $5.99? Where are the lobsters from? I live in Ct and do not want lobsters from Long Island sound. I do think lobsters from the ocean in Maine are sweeter and have a better texture.

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                  Sea-Well In Pawcatuck. But I didn't ask where the lobsters actually came from.I figured Stonington but maybe not..

              3. The reason I brought this up is because CT is only a hop skip & jump away from ME. Not like you're from TX or KS and have no choice..:-) But now I see others from the east coast are weighing in:-)

                1. This may sound weird but you may want to try Red Hook Lobster Pound in Brooklyn. Like you, I am a big time fan of Atlantic NE lobster. Especially Maine and the Maritime provinces. The lobster is sweet yet briny and just plain delicious. Back to Red Hook: They get their lobster from Maine (ie they drive up to Portland) and combined with the high turnover, the lobsters never get old and are just as tasty in Brooklyn as they are in Maine. Saying all this, their store was flooded out from Sandy. I haven't been there recently but that doesn't mean they're out of business. So I give them a call and see if they can help you out. Good luck.


                  1. I just looked at the prices for the local a Lobster Pound, I live in Maine, and the prices are from $4.79 a pound for a soft shell cull up to 9 dollars and 57 cents for a hard shelled cull.

                    1. Thanks all for the ideas. I spent a good deal of the morning calling places in Maine. None are delivering for Monday the 24th. One place delivered but they were located inland and I wasn't impressed with their info on the phone. Will prob go with Maryland crab instead and try for the lobsters another time. And I am convinced that they are better straight from the ocean in Maine than holding tanks and delivery trucks. For a while I thought I couldn't cook lobsters decently any more but it was because they were in salinated holding tanks cuz when I cooked them in maine they were perfectly delicious. Maybe I am just overly fussy - I have been eating Maine lobster since I was 6 months old:).