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Nov 27, 2012 09:52 AM

Romantic, Special Birthday Dinner (last year was Mas, this year?)

I've been looking through thread after thread and I'm still undecided, so I thought I'd ask for help.

My boyfriend's birthday is the Sunday before Christmas. Instead of presents, he likes a nice dinner (nice for us= $200-250 total bill, including wine). Last year I took him to Mas Farmhouse. He loved it.

He really likes the Oyster Bar, he loved Mas and he's a big fan of Blue Ribbon Bakery. He also really likes great italian food. He doesn't have a super adventurous palate, (but he's getting braver all the time.)

He hates a place that's crowded and loud, no matter how good the food.

I'd love a geographic range from the Flat Iron to the West Village, but I can absolutely be swayed otherwise. We'll do drinks before and after.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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  1. Craft
    Colicchio and Sons
    Mas La Grillade
    Alison Eighteen

    1. Based on a very recent visit I think you should check out A Voce (Madison location). We ate very well and had at least 4 glasses of wine, the food was outstanding, and we were around $150 (after tax before tip). Again, this isn't just catering to your budget, the food was really excellent.

        1. piccola venezia astoria queens

          1. Zio very good italian 19th street between 5th and 6th
            boqueria spanish 19th between 5h and 6th
            sen sushi 21st 5th avenue new sushi very good
            Abc kitchen