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Historic Locke-Ober items headed to auction

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Historic Locke-Ober items headed to auction

Fans of the 137-year-old Locke-Ober can still get a memento of the venerable Boston restaurant.
Restaurant and bar equipment, furniture, decorative items, fixtures and other contents from the landmark venue, which closed in October, will be sold at a public auction on Dec. 7.
Auction and appraisal firm Paul E. Saperstein Co. will handle the gavel duties for the sale, which will start at 11 a.m. at the restaurant’s 1-3 Winter Place site and online with real-time bidding at www.pesco.com. An onsite auction preview starts at 9 a.m.
Items available, some of which are as old or older than the restaurant, will include china, chandeliers, a wood-carved pool table and antique-style moldings, according to Michael Saperstein.
“As a company steeped in tradition, we are honored in opening up this historical auction to the public,” he said. “The event will be an interesting and exciting opportunity for collectors, historians, antique-(lovers) and Bostonians alike.”
The building that housed Locke-Ober has been sold for $3.3 million to Boston real estate developer Jim Robertson, Mike’s City Diner owner Jay Hajj and British Beer Co. principal Michael Fallman. The building will be converted to residences, with plans for a new first-floor restaurant.

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  1. Darn. The piece of art in the back room that I adored isn't listed. Got to see it along with the rest of the 3 floors of back area at TheThing charity event back in October.


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        No, it was sort of surrealist.

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          Wrong guess. Yvonne is somewhat plump and Titian-esque.