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Nov 27, 2012 09:17 AM

Do you have trust issues with stores selling genuine food brands? [moved from Outer Boroughs]

Ok, so I once posted a thread asking about the best places to buy Bell & Evans chicken. Since then, I've shopped at several stores like Sorriso's and Iavarone, which claim to sell this brand of chicken. But because they are just selling the raw chicken breasts, without any packaging or labeling, how can one be sure you are getting the genuine brand, in this case, B & E?

I am in no way accusing any store of not selling a brand they are claiming to, I'm just wondering how anyone can be sure they are getting what they are asking and paying for? Is it just a trust issue? I appreciate all thoughts and advice about this, thanks in advance!

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  1. I would talk to the butcher. While I am sure there are some proprietors out there who may take advantage of the whole organic/free range/grass fed/heritage etc trend I would like to think they are few and far between.

    Any reputable butcher should be able to give you whatever "proof" you feel you need to buy with confidence. If the butcher gets defensive, argumentative, angry, etc than you have your answer, KWIM?

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      1. re: foodieX2

        Since the butcher would have to be 'in on the conspiracy', I don't see any point to asking him.

        As for getting defensive or angry, if you accuse me of being a thief, I get angry immediately. This is a common reaction among those who are not thieves, as opposed to 'No, no, I understandf perfectly why you think I might be cheating you.'

        1. re: FrankJBN

          I Respectfully disagree
          No the butcher or fish monger doesn't have to be "in on the conspiracy".There are many places along the broker trail,between kill,catch and final consumer that mistakes or fraud can happen.
          Many states have taken a position regarding fish,the consumer can ask to see the documentation to verify,wild,farmed,species and geographical origin etc of what they are
          purchasing.Near me there are two or three vendors that are very resentful to outraged when you ask and more than dozen that are delighted to comply.This won't prevent all problems, but it is a start.

          1. re: FrankJBN

            I guess I don't see it as a big "conspiracy" where everyone is "in on it" but then again I also don't see asking a butcher questions about his product the same as accusing someone of being thief.

            If I ask questions about their product I expect a reasonable response. If their immediate reaction is to go on the defensive, to me, that is answer enough.

        2. In addition to foodie X2 ,the proof should be an easy thing when asked for.In my experience the broker's box is something they are prepared to check or offer.

          The store etc has to rely on,trust the supplier,brokers to a certain extent.Are all perfect or wonderful,no.
          Something the retailer or restaurant bought in good faith,at the right price may not be the ?.

          1. Calling Bell & Evans to confirm, or checking the 'retailer locator' on their website could work.

            1. Sorriso does not carry Bell & Evans chicken! Even though they blatantly advertise they do with the posters they have on their windows and doors, it is a LIE! Contact B&E yourself and you will find out that Sorriso was duping people. Shame on them!

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              1. re: sachertorte9

                Be sure you are correct because publishing a statement such as this if untrue is libelous.

                1. re: FrankJBN

                  I am 100% correct! I contacted B&E myself, and was told Sorriso does not sell their brand chicken. Also, I encourage anyone with doubts about whether or not they are getting B&E to call them up themselves, and confirm whether or not their butcher/grocer/ etc. is really selling them the brand they claim to. You might be surprised by the truth! I am beyond disappointed with what I learned and will never shop in that store again.