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Nov 27, 2012 08:46 AM

Skylight Inn / Ayden, NC...good as ever

Visited the Skylight Inn Friday & Saturday after Thanksgiving. Haven't been in a few years. Friday was ok, not the best I've ever had there but better than most other places around. Saturday was better and as good as I've ever had.

The bbq in South Carolina, where I am currently living, pales in comparison. No one can come close.

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  1. Do they still have skin in the bbq?

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    1. re: jiminea

      They did last spring when I was there.

      1. re: jiminea

        Smoky, crunchy bits of skin are always part of the formula at skylight. Signature element to their cue.

        1. re: veganhater

          Problem is it gets rubbery very quickly- Holden's in Youngsville doesn't have skin anymore and it's excellent.

          1. re: jiminea

            Go during doesn't have time to get soggy.

        2. re: jiminea

          Yes they of the things that make them unique. Some like it, some don't...I do.

        3. I popped over to Pete Jones' the other day for the first time in a while and noticed they had ribs on the menu. Wonder how long that's been on there? I did try the chicken when they first introduced that a couple of years ago, but I was not impressed.

          I just got barbecue this time, which was great as usual.