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Nov 27, 2012 08:45 AM

Saint Martin: lunch in a beautiful & comfortable setting before flight


After spending 5 days in St Barts, we arrive back in Saint Martin by ferry (Oyster Pond) at 11:15 AM. We have a flight to catch back to NYC - leaving SXM at 5:15 PM.

We will have an 8 month old baby and luggage with us, so need to keep this simple i.e. taxi ride to restaurant and taxi ride to airport after.

Where should we go to enjoy a good lunch in a beautiful and comfortable setting (where we can linger a bit) ?

We were thinking Tides at Mary's Boon Resort & Spa...


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    1. If you're coming into Oyster Pond, I would suggest staying put and going to Quai Ouest. When you get off the docks, take a left and go to the end of the marina.

      If you want fancier, I would suggest heading in to Grand Case. Lots of options there. I like Le Pressoir, Le Taste Vin and La Villa.

      Where are you eating on SBH? Two of my favorites there are Andy's Hideaway and La Gloriette.

      1. What day of the week? We just returned from three weeks on St. Martin, and tried a new beach restaurant where we had not been before. It's called Tahoma Beach and it's five minutes from the airport, but right on the beach. It's actually just minutes from Mary's Boon, but you enter it from the other end of the airport, so it will be easier to get back to the airport from there. Also, you might want to see if you can check in for your flight early; that way you'll only be lugging your carry ons with you.

        Tahoma is a French restaurant; they have a great warm goat cheese salad, and being French, they won't mind if you linger.