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Nov 27, 2012 08:46 AM

Healthy lunch at Yonge and College?

Would like a tasty and relatively healthy bite. I'm tired of freshii, though.

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  1. There is burrito bandido on grovenor, if you consider that healthy.

    1. If you don't mind a bit of a walk (less than 15 minutes) then I would recommend Camros at Yonge and Hayden (south of Bloor):

      Or a short subway ride

      1. Aroma Espresso Bar and Rare in the Eaton Centre's Urban Eatery have some healthy lunch options, within a 10 minute walk of Yonge &College.

        Lola's Kitchen on Church also has some healthy lunch options, within a brisk 15 minute walk from Yonge & College,

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        1. re: prima

          Anyone have any other ideas for lunch near College station?

          1. re: prima

            I think there is a foodcourt at Yonge and College in the basement level where there is a supermarket. There is a chinese food counter where you can get BBQ noodle soup, etc.
            It's healthier than other foodcourt choices and comforting on a cold winter day.

            1. re: caitlink

              Thanks, caitlink.

              Yep, there's a food court on the lower level of College Park. I haven't been too impressed with the offerings I've tried from the other counters at that food court, but I'll keep the place with the BBQ pork noodle soup in mind next time I'm there.

              The Cha Lau lunch prix fixe is also relatively healthy portion-wise (although on the high sodium side), and quite close to Yonge & College.

              1. re: prima

                There is also Sobeys where you can whip together your own fresh meal and eat in the court.

                1. re: justsayn

                  Thanks, justsayn. I was sort of hoping for a restaurant near Yonge & Collge with table service, rather than a food court. I realize most places near that intersection do not have table service.

                  I'm meeting a friend for lunch, and she was interested in something light, and it's on her lunch break. If she can take 90 minutes, I'm hoping she'll be willing to travel to Bloor. I like the salads at Holt's Cafe. ;-)

                  1. re: prima

                    What about Brownstone Bistro? I have not eaten there, but a friend who works in the area frequently does - it is definitely table service. It is just north of Wellsley on Yonge

                    1. re: CocoaChanel

                      Thanks CocoaChanel- sounds like a good option for us!

                    2. re: prima

                      Salad King might fit the bill....

                      1. re: magic

                        Thanks! Haven't been to the new location. Will offer that as an option.

                        1. re: prima

                          I still like Daio Japanese on the south side of Carlton just a wee east of Yonge. Opinions vary and certainly it's no Zen, but chef does his job well when called upon. The udon is pretty good and perfect for a day like today.

                          1. re: Googs

                            Thanks, Googs. I never know which sushi place between the Eaton Centre and Bloor would be the best bet. Thanks for the rec. Will keep Daio on the shortlist.

              2. Cha Liu Dimsum
                Solo Sushi Bekken