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Nov 27, 2012 08:13 AM

Need a venue near the Pennsylvania Convention Center

I am looking to host a cocktail reception for approximately 150 people next fall. I will need to have appetizers, wine and beer, but would be open to arranging for a caterer. We will also need a projector, screen and microphone.


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  1. What time of day? Reading Terminal Market across the street from the Convention Center does catering after hours. There is also a Marriott, a Marriott Courtyard, and the Loew's within a block as well. Maggiano's is within a block as well.

    1. Depending on scheduling, you can do this in the Convention Center itself.

        1. With this size group you would have the option of quite a few upscale venues depending on your budget. Within a few blocks(3-4) you could visit any one of the following which would provide a range of food and services: the Ritz, the Bellevue, the Four Seasons. The Kimmel Center(5) also would be an interesting venue and arrange catering. A bit further(5-6 blocks) the Philadelphia Museum of Art will cater large groups as will the Franklin Institute both with a choice of interesting rooms.

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            Two more venues to add there would be the Philadelphia Academy of Fine arts as well as the Barnes Foundation Museum. . My one suggestion would be to find out who is managing the event you are going to. You might be able to piggy back off the event organizers since they are already managing logistics for the event.

          2. The PHL Convention & Visitors Bureau has tons of venue information and is happy to help you. Contact the Convention Services department at 215/636-3309 or If you're on twitter, follow @meetphl for meeting and event planning ideas.