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Nov 27, 2012 08:09 AM

FM Mangal [London]

Was taken to this kebab place in Camberwell and frankly was blown away by it - We ordered a main of shish chicken/kofte and they threw in the starters - Grilled onions in a red wine sauce? with flatbread - one of the best starters i have eaten. The sauce was lovely and piquant and moreish.
Am going back just to work my way throught the starters.
The smells from the open grill was delicious - when the main arrived with red cabbage, mixed salad with pomegranite molasses and flat bread. Wow , just perfect moist with good outside marinade.
With good rice.
One of the best meals in ages and cheap too.
They threw in an amerreto and a piece of turkish delight.
I smiled all the way home.

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  1. The sauce with the grilled onions is probably pomegranate juice. It usually is in Turkish places that sell it. One of my favourites, though not tried it at FM Mangal yet.

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      I used to go here all the time when I lived in Peckham - definitely among the best Turkish food I've had.

    2. I LOVE FM Mangal. I'm lucky enough to work just around the corner and they do an amazing lunch deal on the weekdays - 7 GBP for a massive main course of grilled meats/veg with rice and salad, plus soft drink or a glass of house wine. And they give you a basket of their flatbreads and finish it off with pineapple slices and turkish delight at the end. I could eat an ENTIRE meal of their flatbread. I don't know what the hell they spice it with but it's so addictive!

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          I went yesterday and had the kuzu sis. The meat was excellent and very competitive with the grill quality you would find in some of the better Green Lanes places. Salads were a little under seasoned for my liking but fresh. The flatbread was quite oily but very tasty - while hot.

          The pineapple slice at the end was the least successful - the fruit was a bit dry and not great. On the way out of Camberwell I came across a Turkish Food Centre branch - 3 pineapples for £1. I suppose that's why they're serving pineapple!

          But I'm picking at the edges. All in all a very good meal. It was pretty busy on a weekday lunch, so word is clearly out.

          For some reason they wouldn't do the lunch special, even after I asked about it; I didn't get much of an explanation as to why.