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Nov 27, 2012 07:45 AM

First cast iron piece

Hi everyone, i would like to slowly replace my non stick with cast iron. I just bought a lodge pre seasoned fajita set (it was inexpensive) and im wondering if i can just jump in using it. I know your spposed to go through the whole reseasoning process, but that is just not happening (i have small kids) i know about the cleaning etc.

What are easy things to start with? Sauteed onions? Grilled cheese? We dont eat a lot of meat.


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  1. Just use it. It'll season over time.

    1. I give my lodge equipment a light coating of oil after each use and it works very well. Give it a wipe with a sponge or a cloth after using it and dry it right away. The more you use it the better it'll be. Enjoy.

      1. <im wondering if i can just jump in using it>

        I would do a light seasoning process. You do not have to remove the original preseasoned surface if you do not want -- although many do. You do not have to do a full oven seasoning. You should however do a quick 5 minute stovetop seasoning.

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          What does that involve? 5 minute stovetop i can surely do- do i have use special oil withcast iron- i usually cook with olive oil or butter but im not opposed to vegetable oil or something similar

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            Any oil with a relatively high smoke point will do. Definitely not butter. Olive oil is ok if it is light olive oil or extra light olive oil, but do not use extra virgin olive oil. Most vegetable oils are ok too.

            Just heat up the pan, then pour in a layer of oil -- enough to cover the pan surface. Continue to heat the oil until it faintly starts to smoke (just barely smoking). Swirl the oil around the pan for a minute or two. Now, just let the pan and oil cool down a bit, and dump the oil. Swipe off the excessive oil and you are ready to cook.

            DeBuyer has a stovetop seasoning video (skip the potato part):


        2. Every piece of growing cast iron collect came for DIRT CHEAP at yard sales, flea markets, or thrift stores. Some were relatively cruddy, all were "name" brands like Lodge or Griswold. ALL cleaned up just great... either with spray oven cleaner or a run thru oven self-cleaning cycle.

          I reseasoned every piece with bacon grease... cuz that's what Nana always did. My recommentation for getting most outta CI is USE IT, USE IT, USE IT!! It can only get better, almost impossible to destroy.

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            good advice,just use it .......this stuff isn't a hood ornament or decoration,it's a work horse or tractor