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Nov 27, 2012 07:34 AM

Attleboro MA recommendations

My son is moving down to there next month. Are there any chow worthy cheap eats in that area for a 21 year old who has a job but not one that pays a lot? If not chow worthy, at least somewhere he can get a decent burger, pizza and take out chinese?

And is there any place near there (like within a half hour) where I should try out when I help him move?


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  1. I'll throw this up to the top once to see if I get any responses. Thanks.

    1. Attleboro itself not so sure but for yourself providence is only 15-20 minutes away so would check out posts related to that.

      1. Thanks. I didn't realize Providence was so close. I am geographically challenged!

        1. Attleboro proper is a bit of a wasteland, to be honest. There's a couple of half decent spots, but not much that's really outstanding. heading to Pawtucket for pho or Colombian food or Polish delis etc and over to Providence for pizza et al is usually the best bet.

          That said, there's at least a thing or two in a pinch. Singapore Chinese is the best of the suburban Chi-Am places, nothing spectacular but good on occasion. Sala Cafe near the hospital has actually quite tasty Thai/Lao food, but I've experienced some brutally slow service there. The Breakfast Place on Pleasant St has good looking breakfasts + used to have a really good blade meat sandwich (an SE Mass thing), but it looks like it's not on the menu anymore. maybe it still crops up as a special, I haven't been in a while. Also across the street on Pleasant is The Clam Shack which has pretty solid fried clams, and a bit further down the road there's Aleco Deli, which has OK Lebanese food.

          There's also a newish Caribbean place downtown (The Caribbean Kitchen) which seems promising, but I have yet to try it. And just over the Attleboro line in Rehoboth is a pretty good Indian restaurant, Apna Punjab.

          Lastly, for anything alcohol related there is Yankee Liquors over on Washington down by Pawtucket. Best place around for selection/price.

          Hope that helps!

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            Thanks very much. Matt isn't a foodie by any means (I wasn't when I was 21 either) but I wouldn't want him going to the worst of the worst either.

          2. For an excellent breakfast (especially weekends) be sure to check out the Modern Diner in Pawtucket (364 East Ave - about 8 miles from Attleboro). Don't be fooled by the "diner" aspect. The quality / selection of their weekend specials (limited specials Mon - Thur) will surpass even 5 star restaurants (their standard diner fare is perhaps fair at best, best to skip), but their specials are a real treat, not to be missed.