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Nov 27, 2012 05:57 AM

Looking for low end recs for a last minute buisness trip - breakfast & lunch

I just found out I'll be headed to Phoenix tomorrow for work. I'll be staying at the Hotel Palomar. I've never visited Phoenix and don't know the lay of the land. From a quick look at a map it seems I'll be downtown. I'll probably only have an opportunity for a quick breakfast or lunch getaway.

I'm looking for working class grub, nothing fancy. Maybe some diner style mex or the like. Breakfast or lunch. I don't have a lot of time for research but I did a little reading here and found recs for Carolina's Mex and Rito's (mixed reviews). I also founds this link on Serious Eats but its a little old and following up on a couple of the recs yielded mix results here. Also only a few seem to be near my hotel.

I'd appreciate any recs for hole in the wall places within quick striking distance of the Hotel Palomar.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. No personal experience, but for lunch I'd head here for the Short Rib Stew with Green Chiles, Fried Egg and Cornbread:

    1. Matt's Big Breakfast is a diner-ish option about 15 minutes from the hotel on foot--even faster by light rail or the 0-Central Avenue bus. In spite of the restaurant's name, my favorite item there is the Reuben, which is served only from 11:00 on.

      Another good spot is Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles. They have a good assortment of breakfast and soul food items. Their newly expanded digs are less downhome than the original space, but the food is still just as good. Lo-Lo's is 20 minutes from the hotel on foot, 5-10 minutes by bus (also on the 0-Central Ave line).

      Carolina's has been OK to good on my visits. The green chile burro I was served on my first visit to Rito's should have been served in a cup with a straw. With that being my initial impression of the place, I haven't been motivated to return to try more of their menu.

      1. Blue Hound in the Hotel Palomar is a gastro pub that my friends in AZ really enjoy...they serve breakfast too.
        Durant's for old school food and in the bar with the fab naugahyde booths and chilled relish of my all time fave's!
        Carolina's for divey Mex is great for breakfast/lunch and cheap too.
        Pizzeria Bianco
        Matt's Big Breakfast

        1. Blue Hound
          America's Taco
          Chino Bandido
          Two Hippies