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Nov 27, 2012 05:13 AM

Plating advice! :)

Hey guys,

I've just made Pan-Fried Foie Gras, Toast and Morello Cherries.

Any advice on how I can plate this better?

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  1. Maybe instead of pooling the sauce, make lines or drizzles on the plate with it and create a cluster of cherries off to one side, in a line or something.

    Sorry, I don't get too creative with food. I just eat it. :)

    1. That looks delicious. Id be totally happy being served that, however, if we are going to nitpick

      1. try to trim the bread so that you get total coverage by the foie, that will make a big difference, if not possible try to get a better browning on the bread. Im not sure how you did your toast, but the best way would be to fry the bread in the foie gras fat right after you took the foie out of the pan That stuff is gold

      2. Score your foie gras with a cross hatch pattern much like people score duck breasts. It serves no purpose for foie, but it looks pretty.

      3. As the above poster stated, the saucing needs a bit of work. That ring doesnt work at all, look up some pictures of well sauced plated on the web and draw some inspiration from them!

      4. Is there some sort of puree beneath the toast? if so, you might consider spreading it on the toast.

      1. Looks good to me although you could create visual contrast between the foie gras and toast by slicing the toast in a more square shape.

        1. Thanks for all your suggestions!

          Hows this? :P

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          1. re: winzee

            Very nice...but I would make the scoring lines diagonally.

            As for the toast....I would doe thinner slices of baguette sliced diagonally as well. You can put them under, over or on the side....or use them to prop it up,half on the plate and half on the bread.

            1. re: fourunder

              If you have some arugula or another green around, the contrasting color would be nice used as a garnish. or as a bed under the toast & foie gras.

            2. re: winzee

              Thanks for your suggestions again! :)

              Better now? :)
              I forgot to sprinkle sea salt flakes! was rushing..

            3. Also, think about form following function. I'm assuming you want to have th combination of flavors of the sauce and the foie gras crostini. So drizzle the sauce on top with the actual cherries surrounding it.