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Nov 27, 2012 04:29 AM

Panzerotti in the GTA?

If we accept the rough definitions of a panzerotti as a fried pizza and a calzone as one which is baked, are there any places in the GTA. that make a lecture-free panzerotti? Olimpic '76 made decent one back in the day, and I believe Bitondo's fries their panzerotto now. Are there any other places that can satisfy my craving for the Italian version of heart attack on a plate?

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  1. Ricci's Pizza in Woodbridge makes a great fried one.

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      After Bitondo's, there is no other. I suggest you also get their steak on a kaiser with hot peppers, cheese and mushrooms. Then.....take it all across the road to the Monarch and wash it down with a cold beer! That, is heaven!

    2. pizzaville gives you a choice of fried or baked, san francescos is the same way.

      1. Abruzzo's was always my favourite. Richmond Hill delivery area. They offer a choice of baked or fried.

        However, Bitondos sounds pretty good, I may have to check it out the next time I'm down that way.

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          Seconded! Love Abruzzo's panzerottis.

        2. Columbo's Pizza, 1794 Danforth Avenue, Toronto.
          I also recommend their arancini.

          1. Fresca at College and Spadina. They are one block west of Spadina on College St. This is great old school panzerotti. It's made fresh on the spot and they brush a garlic oil when it comes out. Delicious and for $7.50 for a cheese one you can't go wrong. It's huge!

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              Franks Pizza House on St Clair (near Landsdowne) makes the best panzo. They have been doing it for decades.