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Nov 27, 2012 03:05 AM

First Garden Picked Napa Cabbage?

I have a few things I love to do with napa cabbage however I don't know how to utilize the "looser" outer leaves. Does anyone have a preferred method of using them?

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  1. If you make steamed dumplings with your cabbage, you can use the outer leaves to line the steamer trays. Helps keep the dumplings from sticking to the bamboo (or whatever material you steamer is made of).

    You could also use them to line the pan if you make galumpkis (stuffed cabbage rolls). My mom-in-law's recipe says to line the pan with the outer leaves of (regular) cabbage, put the rolls inside, then cover them with another layer of outer leaves - keeps the cabbage rolls themselves from burning. I don't see why you couldn't use Napa cabbage leaves for this; i bet you could freeze them now & save for a later galumpki-making fest.

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      Yup - those outer cabbage leaves are super for lining steamer trays for dumplings & other little tidbits.

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        Thanks both of you, now I'm prepared for my next picking.