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Nov 27, 2012 02:26 AM

Seeking Fluffy Flour Tortillas in Northern NJ

Taco Bell is one of my guilty pleasures. I used to eat there once every couple years. I would pig out on 6 beef burritos, which use to run me around $6. Now a simple beef burrito isn't even on the menu.

So, I'm taking a shot a crafting my own. I'm fine on everything but the tortilla. Problem is, I can't walk into a supermarket and buy a comparable tortilla. My supermarkets carry Taco Bell tortillas and similar brands, but they sit on the shelves for days and the stench of the store gets into them and they're disgusting.

Trader Joes tortillas are pretty good, but they're a little too upscale. I'm looking for a very industrial, bleached, low protein/fluffy tortilla. It's a little bit of an oxymoron, but I'm looking for a heavily preserved tortilla that's freshly prepared/hasn't been sitting in the store for very long.

Quite a few years ago I went tortilla shopping in Dover, and, if memory serves me correctly, the packages were huge and there's no guarantee of good turnover there either.

If I could find a fluffy frozen tortilla, I'd be up for that, but most of the frozen tortillas I find tend to be on the multi-grain/unbleached side.

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