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Nov 27, 2012 01:09 AM

Hand-held ethnic nibbles for a large cocktail-dinner party?

Our DIY office party brings in 40-60 people, crammed into an apartment, mostly standing. Over the years, we've done tamales, spanakopita, and pita with Middle Eastern spreads. Need some new ideas. Should be a) hand-held, b) not too messy (disqualifies tacos and tostadas, I'm afraid), c) can be eaten luke-warm or room temp (disqualifies deep fried things), and d) have a vegetarian version. This could be the year of the Jamaican patty or baked empanada, if I could find a good one. Or moderately-sized burritos, if anyone makes these other than Taco Bell or your local supermarket freezer section. Any suggestions? Brooklyn would be preferable. Queens (not too far east) or Manhattan (not too far north) are doable.

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  1. What about a six-foot hero? Lioni's will give you a choice of a couple of hundred combinations including meatless. Many of the cold ones are not messy. And they'll slice it for you into serving sizes. Even deliver it, if you want.

    1. I've done Jamaican patties for a party before, although not for that many. I bought a bunch of beef, veggie, and callaloo patties along with coco bread from Christie's on Flatbush. We kept the patties warming in the oven and brought them out as needed, but you could probably cycle them out in big batches.

      I'd also buy a case or so of the really good ginger beer (either Citadelle or D+G) to serve with along with.

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        hold up - was my impression that Christie's had closed totally wrong? i distinctly remember sad signs at Charlenes saying they wouldnt be serving the pattys any more because they (christies) was going out of business.

        1. re: tex.s.toast

          Christies was open last signs of closing at least for the moment.

      2. What do you mean by ethnic? Not Anglo?

        1. I think patties are really much better hot, but Middle Eastern meze beyond just the dips do well at room temperature. Maybe you could order a selection of grape leaves, meat and vegetable pies from Sahadi's or Damascus. Scotch eggs, sausage rolls and pies from an Australian place or the Irish owned Butcher Block could also be a contender.

          1. "can be eaten luke-warm or room temp (disqualifies deep fried things)"

            I guess you have not been to Masjid Al-Hikmah?

            Though obviously better hot, the room-temperature deep-fried stuff there is quite good, as are the room-temp samosas I've had before.

            I would suggest Vietnamese-style cold fresh spring rolls.