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Nov 27, 2012 01:03 AM

Last minute urgent favor

Hello to all NYC chowhounders ihave spent a couple of nights eating fantastic (corton, le bernardain"EMP etc) tomorrow i leave back home (mexico city,if soembody is heading there let me know) and before the eirport i have 1.5 hr for lunch and wanted to kow where to go, money is not a problem and i would loce to get the best lunch brunch(tuesday brunch) possible was thinkngof the nomed but i dont know ifi it is too much of the same (emp and nomad)

P,ease let me know and thanks forthe feedback

Ps report of myc trip commin soon

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  1. I looked on OpenTable and I see availability at:
    15 East
    Cafe Boulud
    Del Posto
    Jean Georges
    The Modern

    1. I don't think EMP and NoMad are too much of the same but don't think there are any openings. Kathryn gave you some excellent choices and out of them I would say Jean George or The Modern would be great choices.