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Nov 26, 2012 11:05 PM

40th bday dinner on the Big Island

I'm going to be on the BI for my 40th bday in January. Staying at the Mauna Lani and I'm looking for a rec for dinner on my bday.

Coming from SF so I get plenty of great restaurants. Price is not an issue but I don't just want the most expensive restaurant.

Any recs would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. merriman's was really good. if you go for lunch, it's a lot cheaper.

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    1. re: indelibledotink

      Hard to go wrong with Merriman's, lunch or dinner. Only drawback is the long drive back if you enjoy their wine list, but well worth it if that isn't an issue.

    2. if you want something ono (delicious) try manago hotel's pork chops in captain cook area. it's hearty and the best i've had.

      also don't forget to try a loco moco. i don't know which big island establishment has the best, tho.

      happy bd

      1. thanks so much for the recs. merriman's is a good option.

        i'm not a fan of hotel dining but seems like the hotels have a monopoly on ocean-side dining. thoughts on the following:
        brown's beach house @ the fairmont
        beach tree @ the four seasons
        pahula @ the four seasons (is this still open? it is not listed on the website but it comes up in searches)
        ULU @ the four seasons

        thanks again.

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          Try Manta at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. . .go for pupus first at Copper Terrace to watch the sunset and tiki lighting along with hula dancers. Then have a wonderful dinner and see the manta rays after. Mauna Kea is just a magical place.