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Nov 26, 2012 10:39 PM

Sbraga or The Farm and Fisherman or ??

Which of these would you choose and why? We're from NYC, like local/fresh/innovative -- clean, clear flavors and a decent dining environment but not stuffy. Which would you try? Or something else like Marigold? We only have one night.
Thank you ! (FYI, our recent favorites are NoMad and Alison 18 in NYC -- Daniel Humm is a genius)

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  1. Farm and Fisherman is very good food. The space is small and a bit crowded. I find the food that Kevin Sbraga is serving to be more innovative. The space at Sbraga to me feels like eating in a fish bowl but I think I am in a minority there. Sbraga also has a tasting menu option which I do not think Farm and Fisherman has. So I probably would lean toward Sbraga given those two choices.

    1. Sbraga would be my pick. The food I had at Farm and Fisherman was executed well but mostly ill-conceived or just not very interesting.

      How did you settle on those two? I like Sbraga a lot but I don't know if it would quite make it into my top tier of Philly restaurants. It's pretty close though, I had a really great meal there a month or two ago.

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        Thank you both -- I was trying to find innovative, near city center. Am completely open to suggestions along the same lines of these two and thank you !

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          My recommendation would be Vedge, it's one of the best restaurants in the city right now and is in center city, .

          Another possibility is Vernick (, it's comparable to Sbraga.

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            I second Vedge, especially based on your description of what you are looking for. Extremely innovative and unique.

      2. I've not dined at F&F, but Sbraga is an absolute treat. I requested a foie gras tasting menu and they happily accommodated. The creativity and talent coming out of the kitchen is at a very high level. Great popovers too. :)

        1. Hmm, if Daniel Humm/NoMad is a favorite, I think Sbraga is better than Farm and Fisherman (which is pretty low key/simple). I agree that Vedge would be a great fine dining choice, if you are ok foregoing all animal products (but seriously, it is amazing), and I also really like Vernick (but more along lines of small plates--but innovative). Local? Not sure I see a lot of "local" in the sense of amazing/esoteric produce/fine heritage breed meats in Philly--local is more ideosyncratic to Philly--Italian american is quite local to me (we love Ulivo--I thought it was better than Torrisi Italian Specialities in NYC) here. Another cool place is Zoo Kee Do (Portugese), which I don't think you can get in NYC.

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            I tried Vedge and Vernick but both had no reservations avail between 5:30 and 10 -- in fact in the time I deliberated, dinner got later and later at Sbraga. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions -- we'll try that. Vedge sounds great -- we had a restaurant by us for a brief time called Market where they did vegetables in really creative ways. Loved it. Also, do like Torrisi (though not the wait). Any suggestions for lunch/late afternoon bites before we drive back on Saturday?