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Nov 26, 2012 09:31 PM

MidMarket now has SF branch of LA's Littlejohn's Candies! English toffees, etc - Any reports?

I just read on EaterSF that Mid Market just opened up the SF branch of LA's Littlejohn's Candies! I hope to read some reports before I go! Who's been to the LA branch?

Littlejohn's Candies
1422 Market St (Mid Market, near Civic Center), SF


Update - found Candyblog's post on caramel marshmallows:

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  1. Answering my own question:

    Littlejohn's is just past 10th/Post/Fell St & Market. About 5-10 min walk from Civic Center Bart, easy, up the street from Starbuck's & Little Griddle.

    Chris is the new owner/candy maker, his brother owns the LA location.

    All the chocolates, caramels, & English toffees are made there, the ones in bags & in the jars are from other places.

    You can get a sample piece of the English Toffee, they don't give out samples of the other candies, you have to buy them, sold by weight.

    I like any candy so I enjoyed the English Toffee. Sweet, crunchy, toffee w/ lots of nuts.

    Caramel marshmallow is really sweet, buttery, & the marshmallow tasted fresh.

    I got some of the caramels: regular caramel, Bacon caramel, & the Dark Chocolate Honeycombs! Can't wait to eat them.

    Charge it - I love stores that take Credit Cards, No Minimum purchase amount.

    FREE gift wrap on Boxed items. Make sure your wrapped gift has string around it - new girl forgot the string & other lady reminded her of it.

    M-F 9:30a-7p
    Sat 12-5p
    Sun - open for the holidays, usually closed per worker.

    Some pics below.