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Nov 26, 2012 09:12 PM

Log in.

Why is this. I have only a email address that I have submitted to you for signing up. I have been on many secure sites that have my bank account number and more imformation than you have. They do not make me log in as much . No one is as big of a hassle as yoiu. Chowhound ,why do we constantly have to log in ?

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  1. Agreed. And there is a bug in the logon procedure which results in a spinning wheel without appearing to ever enter the site. But when you cancel the login, leave, and come back again, you are mysteriously logged in. Some funny code there.

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    1. re: farmertomato

      Hi farmertomato. Could you give more details about your login experience? Does this happen on the desktop site or on mobile? What operating system and browser are you using (and what versions if you know)? That'll help us investigate what might be happening. Thanks!

      1. re: DeborahL

        I have to log in nearly everytime from OSX Safari 5.17. Chow doesn't remember my details even though I've checked the box to do so.

        1. re: Fritz

          Hi Fritz. That sounds like your browser might be clearing your history (including cookies) every time you close out. Do you have this issue with other sites, or just CHOW/Chowhound?

            1. re: DeborahL

              I'm going to jump in on this too. Here's the way I like to use chowhound: I'll have a board that I follow, and when there are threads I want to read, I open them in a new tab. That way I may not get through them all at the same time, but within the next hour or so I'll read them all. Occasionally, they'll all open up with my not being logged in. This is even the case when my original tab, the one with the board listing IS logged in. Then it won't allow me to log in... it just spins and spins and spins, ad infinitum/nauseum.

              Then other times this doesn't happen. And yes, this only happens on chowhound. I belong to dozens of websites that are secure and remember my ID-- so it's not cookies.

              1. re: egit

                We believe that we have identified the log in infinite-spinner problem, and a fix for it will be going out today. The rest of the problem raises some interesting questions for us; thank you for your report.