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Nov 26, 2012 08:34 PM

SodaStream Exchange Carbonators 130L (South Bay / Peninsula)

According to SodaStream's website, the only places in the south bay or peninsula to exchange a 130L carbonator are Staples and a small place in Los Altos called Cook's Junction. Does anyone know of any others ? If so, how much do they charge ?

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    1. re: ML8000

      That's where we bring ours -- and don't forget to use the coupon!

      1. re: ML8000

        Do they exchange 130L ? SodaStream only lists them for 60L.

        1. re: DagingKuda

          You can buy and exchange both sizes on their online store.

          1. re: calumin

            I don't see them on BB&B's website. If you mean SS's website, I'm trying to find local options to avoid their shipping costs (as well as the logistics of exchanging the empty tank).

            1. re: calumin

              Sorry I meant SS web site.

              I can't find the 130L locally.

        2. Why not call your local BBB store and ask? Web sites frequently don't list all inventory and some list retailers that have closed or discontinued carrying a product.

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          1. re: Stephanie Wong

            BBB was closed at the time, but I just called and they said no to the 130L.

            1. re: DagingKuda

              Thanks for checking AND posting. You're giving more news than you seem to be getting! Oh , we'll.

          2. At Bed Bath and Beyond here in Orange County, they only sell the smaller size and that is all they will take in exchange. I have yet to find anywhere here that will exchange the larger ones. It is frustrating because the whole SodaStream exchange is inconvenient and too expensive.

            1. Some Staples have the 130L for exchange, for $40.
              Cook's Junction exchanges the 130L, for $35.
              Sodastream exchanges the 130L, for $30 plus $8 (?) shipping.

              Williams Sonoma only exchanges the 60L tank, for $15.
              BBB only exchanges the 60L, for $15 minus coupons.

              Any others ?

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              1. re: DagingKuda

                I saw a woman carrying used Soda Stream cylinders toward the Sur La Table in Town and Country in Palo Alto on Sunday. I feel like Inspector Clouseau on a mission. I did not have my binoculars to see if they were the larger cylinders or not. There is also a SLT in Los Gatos if that is any closer.

              2. Chef's Warehouse in South San Francisco will exchange the 130L though I do not know the cost.