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Nov 26, 2012 08:31 PM

Cookies, Cakes, and Breads with honey

I'm looking for suggestions for recipes for cookies, cakes, and breads with honey, especially ones that would be good for the holidays. I have been given about 5 lbs. of honey. I love the flavor of honey and have found that it makes baked goods keep longer. Thanks in advance!

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  1. eager to see responses.
    love honey too.................a lot.

    1. Just hoping to bump-up this thread! Thanks!

      1. I don't actually bake very much with honey, but I felt sad that this thread hasn't been getting many replies!

        I'm always happy to substitute honey for various other syrups - I think honey subbed in for corn syrup in any recipe would yield a result that is far more delicious and healthful (maybe a tad less sweet, too). In a pecan pie, say. I also tend to use honey as the sweetener in my homemade granola, for which I don't use a recipe but is delicious with plain yogurt and (more) honey for a quick breakfast! Since you're asking for cookies, you could always do something similar in bar form, like this:

        Smitten kitchen has several honey recipes in their archives (I am going to be banned from chowhound for incessantly plugging this site! I don't mean to, honestly!), such as this honey cake:
        She has various apple cake and challah featuring honey too, all of which seem quite festive to me!

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          Good morning!

          I made the "Majestic and Moist" Honey Cake from Smitten Kitchen yesterday. On the plus side, the flavors were wonderful. A lovely spice cake perfect for the holidays. However, there was absolutely NOTHING moist about the cake. It was quite dry (better for a breakfast cake, I'd say, to go with your coffee). I have no idea why "moist" is in the title.

          I'll make the recipe again at some point, but I'd say it definitely needs a carton of sour cream added to the ingredients to make it a dessert-worthy cake.

          1. re: Tehama

            I've made it multiple times and it has always been very moist and delicious. Not sure why yours would have been dry.

            1. re: Tehama

              I've also made the majestic and moist honey cake several times and it has always come out very moist indeed. I did have the same issue that Smitten Kitchen had, which was cakes that deflated after taking them out of the oven to cool (the leavener is off somehow) - although that made them less beautiful, they still tasted delicious and kept well on the counter for a while.

              1. re: calmossimo

                Interesting! I had no problem with it deflating; it was just d-r-y! Hhhmmm…. Thanks for the feedback!

            2. Here is a recipe for Certosino, a "keeping" cake from Bologna. I have used a similar recipe from the Splendid Table cookbook, and had rave reviews. The cake is not sweet, but dense and complicated. Enjoy.


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