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Nov 26, 2012 08:28 PM

Reasonable fine-ish dining pre Lincoln Center show

Hi all,

Looking to plan a trip to a show at Lincoln Center in February for my lovely Mrs. 7:30 curtain, but we could come up from PA anytime earlier. Was looking at perhaps a last seating lunch at Del Posto, but wasn't sure how long they allow before changeover. Also considered Nougatine pretheater. But wasn't comfortable with no options. Any other recs or suggestions? We loved Torrisi and the Momo spots last time in town and are fans of Jim Lahey, but I figured I will be in a jacket, might as well use it! Thank in advance!

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  1. Highly recommend Picholine.

    1. I get some conflicting signals from your post.

      On the one hand, you say "reasonable" and "fine-ish". On the other, you talk about taking advantage of wearing a jacket. Since only the very most expensive places in New York still have that as a requirement, I'm not sure how much you're looking to spend.

      I like Lincoln a lot.

      But I'm not sure it's "reasonable". It strikes me -- a famous spendthrift -- as "expensive". (As does Picholine, which is why I'm confused.) (I like Marea much less than Lincoln. But the same qualifications would apply.)

      You might want to look at Boulud Sud. It's not a kind of cuisine that's my favorite. But, for the price, considering the quality, it's really one of the best deals in New York. (And you can wear a jacket. Or not.)

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        I would also urge you to consider the Salon at Per Se.

      2. Thanks for the quick replies! I know a lot offer a sub $50 menu at certain times of day and days of the week. The Today's Menu at Gramercy Tavern was another thought. Added Picholine to the list Thanks! Bar Boulud was a thought too

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          If you really wanted a reasonably-priced good meal, you could go to Salumeria Rosi, but you don't need a jacket for that.

        2. Think I am going to aim for a late lunch at Del Posto. Cant really beat that anywhere, right?

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          1. Boulud Sud. Priced right. Good food. Good service. Reservations plentiful. Your server will have you out in time for your curtain.

            The Del Posto lunch is fantastic. If you're considering a late lunch, consider Jean Georges: virtually the same price, you'll be a lot closer to Lincoln Center.

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              Also considered JG. Do you get as much as with the DP lunch?

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                yes. both were very abundant lunches. in fact, JG gives you more in the way of amuses and other between-course goodies. either way, you'll be well-fed and may find yourself nodding off during the performance.

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                  Oh wow. I didn't know you received any mid amuses at JG. Ok. Now down to those two. Any general consensus among the board? Thanks so much for all the help.

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                    I would say that JG beats out DP in every conceivable way even if it weren't materially closer to your eventual destination.

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                      DP will provide you with more food per dollar, and better bread. The amuses/ending 'goodies' are even from my accounts. For the record, I don't ever recall being served a 'mid-amuse' at Jean-Georges [maybe you can count the pineapple, but I can't identify anything else that would qualify], or Del Posto (interestingly enough, I've had times at both where a main course was so skewed in flavor that I had to ask for a palate cleanser as a special request before dessert was brought out. Neither will serve a p.c. otherwise). Jean-Georges (obviously) is more world-class food, but there's something very homey yet refined about Del Posto that's very pleasing.

                      Gosh, now I want a Del Posto bread basket.