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Nov 26, 2012 08:30 PM

Need Large group Restaurant Recommendation Downtown, Queen Anne, Fremont First Hill, U District, etc.

We have a group coming into town for a meeting/ convention in March,and we need a place for 20-30 people, within reasonable driving distance from downtown, that would be moderately priced for dinner, and would be fun for a diverse age and region of the country group.

Moderate would be no more than $30 for dinner/ person.

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  1. Does that $30 include tax, tip and toddies? If so, good luck!

    Pizza or a taco bar could fit in your price range.

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    1. re: firecracker

      Of course not- Thanks for your super helpful reply.

      1. re: wallyz

        I didn't intend to be unhelpful, wally. Your original post did not make clear whether the $30/head was an inclusive amount. That price range still won't get you much unless you can find a place that will waive room rental and accept the "F&B only" as payment. A burger bar, taco bar or pizza will still be your best bet.

    2. steelhead diner (in the market) has a seperate room with a view adequate for your party, an affordable, diverse menu from snacks to dinners and a very pleasant atmosphere with excellent northwest wines and talented bartenders.

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      1. re: howard 1st

        I've planned an event and used that backroom, howard. 30 ppl was a tight fit. I chose three mains, three sides, salads and desserts. Steelhead served it up "family style" so passing the mashed potatoes was no problem. Four different wines so there was something for everyone.

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          Thanks! That's on the list to check out. I appreciate it.