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Nov 26, 2012 06:15 PM

Prime aged beef on Long Island

For the past 29 years my Christmas dinner has been a beef tenderloin from Manero's Butcher shop in Syosset. I have cooked the meat on the grill in rain, snow and beautiful sunshine. They had always been our go to place for beef for special occasions. They were the only butcher I know of that had prime aged beef. Sadly, they are no longer in business. I have been to several butchers that claim to have steakhouse quality beef, but they have not met the standard established by Manero's. Does anyone know of any retail butcher on Long Island that carries prime aged beef of the same quality that Manero's offered?

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  1. Meathouse in Roslyn

    Bryant and coopers Roslyn

    Gracies Market Greenvale

      1. Fairway if not in LI the Harlem store's meat locker. Stew Leonard has aging. If you can afford it order from Loebel's Manhattan. Maybe Whole Food.

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          Fairway in Plainview has dry aged beef, and No doubt will take a special order. Doesn't Peter Luger also sell dry aged meat?

        2. Try Prime Time in Woodbury.

          1. I have bought tenderloins from Manero's in the past. Bryant & Cooper's butcher shop is just as good - it used to be a Manero's years ago.