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Nov 26, 2012 05:55 PM

13% Ebates Cashback @ Sur La Table + 5% with a Discover card...

If you have a Discover card you also get 5% off online purchases when you use it. You can't get a discount on a Vitamix, but using these offers you CAN get 18% off your purchase. Not sure if it's today only with this amount on Ebates but if you wanted a good deal on one I would jump on this! Good too on anything there!

You have to post and tell us what you got if you do buy. No more deals if no one posts. Them's my rules...LOL!

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  1. I scored a Vitamix 750 and two Calphalon Tri-Ply pans from a different source. Ebates promised 10% and the store gave me free shipping and further discounts. Not as good on the surface but, I avoided some 'sur'charges at 'Sur' La Table .... ;-)

    1. No one else used this? You guys are tough. This was an awesome deal! Going to keep all the bargains for myself...LOL!

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        Ahh, come on ... don't be that way :-)