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Nov 26, 2012 05:39 PM

Tart ... Pate Sucre OR Pate Brisee recipe?

I'm going to try again to make pumpkin pie, maybe a tart. I had a real failure trying to blind bake using an all butter recipe for pie crust so didn't bother going on with a filling. It sank terribly even tho I froze it for an hour in the pie pan first. I don't think I stretched it and the dough rested in the fridge first. Maybe when rolling it, I should not occasionally flip the dough over.

On CH here I was told to go back to Plugra and to mix in some shortening. Also, I did not have enough pie weights, will use A LOT of raw beans next time.

I was thinking of doing either pate sucre or pate brisee. Any suggestions? I do have tart tins I've never used.

I want to do one of pumpkin and one lemon; this recipe looks good:

Has anyone tried this one?

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  1. Maybe I'll try this Smitten Kitchen lemon tart recipe:

    1. I use Dorie Greenspan's Pâte Sablée recipe - it's rich, crisp, buttery and just sweet enough. The texture is absolutely perfect, IMO. Recipe:

      As for the lemon tart - the best one I've ever had is a Pierre Herme recipe, published by Dorie Greenspan:

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        I second the Dorie Greenspan recipe. Delicious and not tricky.

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          Can you also use this crust recipe if you are not going to "blind bake?"

          About 2 years ago I used a recipe for crust made with cream cheese and I think I liked it but now cannot remember; I'm going to start making better notes on recipes.

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            December 2012 Bon Appetit has a "cooking school" section with photos on doing a pat in the pan pate brisee in the back end of the magazine. We used Martha Stewart's Pie and Tarts cookbook for our pate brisee (roll out) for our pumpkin (using fresh pumpkin puree) and apple pies this year. We were thrilled with the results of both.