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Nov 26, 2012 04:30 PM

Upper Crust Bakery in Silver Spring

Wanted to put in an enthusiastic word for Upper Crust Bakery. I don't know how I've lived her so long without knowing about this place.

We bought four kinds of bread:

Russian Black Bread: dark rye with coffee and onion, topped with poppy seeds. The bread has too soft a texture to be all rye, so there must be some white flour in there too, plus gluten. Really excellent.

Sauerteigbrot: Haven't had this since we left Germany. Dense, chewy crust, and somewhat sour; exactly what it's supposed to be.

Sesame Semolina Bread: Just lovely, beautiful texture, nice crumb, great crust

Pumpkin yeast bread: not sweet, covered with pepitas. Excellent oven spring and texture.

I live about 40 minutes away, using the ICC to get there. It is worth the drive and the toll.

The prices are perfectly reasonable -- even cheap! -- and CHOW-worthy!

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  1. Congrats on finding the Upper Crust....this is a GREAT bakery...have been going there for decades.....

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      I envy you! We've got lots of catching up to do. Told my husband my bread-making days may be over.

    2. My favorite Bakery in the area! Try their Pain de Campagne too!

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        Thanks, that's now on the list for the next visit.

      2. A terrific bakery. Glad you found it.

        Under another post some of us have recommended it to someone looking for New York Rye. Besides the bread, the sweet items that I have tried were excellent: Danish esp cheese, pecan buns, dark chocolate cookies, rugalach just to name a few that I have had relatively recently, The only thing that was not wonderful (years ago) was a cupcake that had not been baked that day. A few of the sweet items(some cakes and brownies) are not baked every day (those in the side case, I think), so ask. The cheesecake, tres leches, and sin (chocolate) cake (I think it is called) I have had fresh were wonderful. Great place.

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          WARNING - you have to get there early in the day lest they sell out of the good stuff. Selection is best before 11:00 am and on weekends. Not all breads are available daily. Their breads are indeed very, VERY good as is their pastries. Try their pecan rolls.

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            More goodies to add to the list! Thanks for the tips --

          2. I just came from Upper Crust Bakery. They are closing their retail location to focus on their growing wholesale business. Wow. Those of us in the community that have supported them for 17 years - I guess higher profits are more important than us. They make higher profits in the wholesale market. Their breads will be available in local grocery stores and markets, but who wants bread sitting on a shelf in a plastic bag for who knows how long? Not me. I want fresh out of the oven,like they have done for 17 years. I guess there is an open door for a new artesian baker in our area.

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              I've had excellent breads from The Breadery in Oella, just outside of Ellicott City MD. I've never been to the store, I always purchased from Howard Co farmer's markets.
              Some truly delicious baked delights!

              1. re: laraffinee

                I too am very, VERY upset to se them dump the loyal customer base that they fed off for years and allowed them to enter the whole bread market. I have been a customer since the day they opened 17 yrs ago and will miss them. The last thing I want is soggy day old breads. Gone too will be their Pecan Sticky Buns, sigh .... That said Upper Crust supplies Whole Foods with partially baked breads that are finished on site. They might have a chance of being acceptable. .

                I suggest we all try St Michel bakery in Rockville. They have superb , freshly baked french style breads, a variety of croissants and some pastries. They are a wee hard to find, but very worth the effort. They also have excellent sandwiches like they have in Paris..

                1. re: rcooperman

                  St. Michel is a great place...but no credit cards...bit of a bother

                2. re: laraffinee

                  Yes, look at it as an opportunity for someone else--maybe even better. Their products were excellent, but a major reason to buy Upper Crust goods was the fact they were baked on the premises and had not been prepackaged. Aside from affecting flavor and texture, prepackaging often causes 'aflatoxins' to form because the baked item is still warm and sealing it up is not a good thing. Even if the bread is not packaged, it'll not be straight from the ovens. I won't bother to seek out their stuff anymore.
                  Hopefully someone else will fill the gap.

                3. I hope Firehook Bakery takes their spot. It is a fabulous bakery.
                  Upper Crust has been disappointing these past few months. Even before they announced that they were going wholesale, I began to notice a more "generic" taste - the crust, the density, the flavor has been increasingly off. I thought they may have been training a new baker, but now I see that they where just getting cheap and commercial. I will not seek out their breads. I want artisanal breads not commercial breads.

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                    Upper Crust has been a bake off bakery for a long while... they bake at a large facility in Beltsville. They only baked off the bread at Silver Spring. The baked goods other than breads could have been finished at Silver Spring or just baked off.