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Nov 26, 2012 04:17 PM

Where to Send a Wedding Couple?

I have friends who are getting married in Boston in December. I want to send them someplace nice as a wedding gift. I'm able to pony up $250.

I'd like someplace formal, romantic, memorable...but also good.

I'm thinking Menton, Mistral, or L'Espalier.

What do locals recommend? Is $250 enough?

Thanks so much for any advice.

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  1. Welcome back, old friend !

    Shall we assume they live here ?

    $250 might be a little tight if formality is a factor.

    But, you know well enough that I'm not the guy to be answering this query anyways !

    1. Maybe Mamma Maria's in the North End? They have those great little private rooms and a nice romantic atmosphere. A few years ago I reccoed it to a co-worker who had just moved here from New Orleans when he was looking for a place to take his wife for their anniversary and he came back and thanked me. That said, haven't eaten there for a few years, so hopefully others will weigh in.

      1. Do dinner at Bondir for them. Very romantic cozy and memorable. I think $250 would be enough for two.

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          Ditto on Bondir. $250 is more than enough for a multi-course dinner and very nice wine.

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            I haven't been to Bondir yet and am very much looking forward to going! Not sure when the wedding is, but if you are trying to send them on a particular date, make sure you can get a reservation. I've tried to go to Bondir, foolishly, last minute a couple times and was politely laughed at on the phone!

        2. $250 won't be enough at Menton or l'espalier, unfortunately, assuming they drink. Depending on what they order, and again drink, it would cover a good portion of Mistral's tab...and I disagree with a lot of people on this board that finds Mistral overrated/ overpriced. I find the room, service, and food to wow every time!

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            Bondir is delightful though I don't think of it as particularly comfortable. Mama Maria's is also fine and in an elegant location. the first is innovative and the second traditional. I'd add Deuxave, Hamersley, and Salt. Though it is small and not dripping in elegance, 10 Tables comes to mind as well.