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Nov 26, 2012 04:01 PM

West Village Delivery

Hey There,

I just moved to the West Village (Grove and 7th area), and I am looking for some "go-to" delivery suggestions. Italian, chinese, sushi, american... Some healthy options would be great, too. I saw this has been posted a while back, but was hoping for some refreshed suggestions.


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  1. For American, Westville!

    We order Chinese from Suzie's

    1. i live nearby.

      pizza: keste (though i prefer to eat in the restaurant)

      chinese: grand sichuan on 7th ave...hit or miss depending on the cook but more hit than miss. both for american chinese and lite-sichuan items. underrated ma po tofu

      american: westville...everything is solid here...they have an army of delivery people

      middle eastern: i either pick up from taim or get delivery from moustache on bedford...chicken kebab, falafel, pitzas...all good

      sushi: rarely do delivery but for passable rolls, kawa on hudson works...avoid ido...pretty gross quality there

      1. BareBurger
        Grand Sichuan on 7th Ave
        Aki on West 4th - ok for sushi
        Kin Shop
        Keste - delivery is fairly recent
        Otto - including their gelato

        Also, John's of Bleecker will do takeout.

        BaoBQ is on, some reports here of the EV one:

        Sme places like Motorino, Ngam, Num Pang, Sao Mai may go out to you. Try punching in your address into Seamless. Also Zabb Elee will go out their range for a few more dollars, IIRC. All of these will come out to me but I'm on 6th Ave, not 7th.

        Seamless is also telling me that Yuba will deliver to me... Must check this out,